Saturn Devours His Son!

This week I recreated one of Francisco DeGoya’s Black Paintings. The Black Paintings were a collection of paintings found in Goya’s house after he passed away. He went deaf later in his life he isolated himself in his house. The Black Paintings were all painted with the intention of never being seen by anyone but Goya. Saturn Devouring His Son was painted in Goya’s dining room and he would have stared at it while he ate.

Goya was not the first person to paint the Roman Titan Saturn eating all his children so they could not over throw him one day, so the story goes. However, none of the other depictions of this story haunts me like Goya’s does. Most of the Other depictions show the children as small babies and they are typically swallowed in one bite. In Goya’s Painting his Son seems to be a grown man, or at least not a baby, and he eats his son, limb by limb, like a rope of licorice.

This is one of my All Time Favorite paintings. Maybe its because we were never supposed to see it, maybe its the horrible, frantic look on Saturn’s face. Whatever it is that draws me to this painting does so time and time again. I have recreated this painting with markers, and with thread once before! This shirt is my favorite rendition Though!

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