Hilma af Klint- Doveno

This week I dove into a little know Swedish artist born in 1862, Hilma af Klint. Her career spanned about 6 decades in which she made hundreds of paintings and filled countless book of thousands of drawings and notes on her philosophy and artworks. She was an abstract painter during the turn of the century. Af Klint was one of the first women who studied at the Royal Academy in Stockholm. Hilma was a spiritual woman. Her and 4 other woman, who called themselves ‘the 5’, performed seances and talked to spirits and guides. In 1906 one of the ‘spiritual guides’ commissioned af klint. Strange I know. After that seances Hilma worked from 1906 to 1915 to create 193 paintings to represent the spiritual world. these paintings were all none objective abstraction paintings with lots of symbolism. Genders took on colors, blue beings girl, yellow being boy, and green being the joining of the two. Hilma af Klint died in 1944, the same year that two other prominent abstract arts died, Kandinsky and Mondrian. However Hilma kept her works private and while Mondrian and Kandinsky died with there legacy already secured it would be years before she would get the attention she deserved. The spiral was also an important symbol found in many of her paintings. af Klint drew up plans for a gallery that her art would one day be shown in, with circular walls a big spiral stair case, that as you walked up it, accessed into the heavens.

The painting I chose to embroider is the painting titled Doveno. I wanted to experiment with rough applique and different fabrics. This week as well as the usual video I make I have also attached the video I watched on Hilma af Klint to get all my information. If you are interested in her at all I would highly recommend this video. Its about 7 minutes long and a very easy watch! thank you for reading and ill see you all next week!

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